Caribbean Winds

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Caribbean Winds was written by Bob Dylan at the end of a Dylan Period, of which we’ve experienced many variations since 1981 as Bob has evolved and re-emerged album after album. Caribbean Wind was written by Bob Dylan after the end of his ’79 Tour, and prior to his ’80 Tour which began September 11, 1980.

Dylan had spent some time sailing in the Bahamas and Caribbean on a yacht named The Water Pearl. Bob said in a concert, he started writing it in St. Vincent and woke up from a strange dream in the hot sun, thinking about living with somebody for all the wrong reasons.

Caribbean Winds was passed over by most and appreciated by few fans; When it was released in 1981, current fans failed to recognized the significance in the songs lyrics. Some were attracted to intro, others to it’s rap like phrasing (that wasn’t a word for music then). Folks were confused by Bob’s genres and couldn’t pigeonhole him. Many fans moved on to various rock or country artists in the 80’s. All of this left Caribbean Winds, one of his greatest compositions, relatively undiscovered.

Slow Train had been released in 1979 followed by Saved. The release of Bob Dylan’s 1979 LP Slow Train Coming was a huge landmark event. The album climbed to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Dylan had recently met Jesus. Crowds were showing up stunned to hear all gospel and no hits. He did show up with a passionate voice and requisite awesome band that kept many coming back for another listen.

Dylan performed the first take of Caribbean Wind in the studio in October 1980.

So much great work has been written and recorded by Bob Dylan before and since 1981, that Caribbean Winds has been hidden in the shadows of greatness.

Bob Dylan Caribbean Wind cover

“The powerful operations of God’s spirit, quickening or reviving the heart towards God, are compared to the blowing of the wind“. John 3:8
You can’t see the wind, only the effects.

“People can learn everything about me through my songs, if they know where to look. They can just juxtapose them with certain other songs and draw a clear picture” Bob Dylan

Caribbean Winds is “Dylan’s greatest song of the 1980’s” – Rolling Stone

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