Video Conversion

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Video Conversion - Digitize Video to file

Video conversion is easier than ever with current technology. Consolidate your media and save your video memories before the original media deteriorates and is lost forever.

Video conversion used to take enhanced technical skills and expensive equipment. Your videos (and pictures) may now be easily converted from VCR to digital format with inexpensive hardware that comes with the software. I use Elgato Video Capture. Once the file is in video format, it may be saved to a thumbdrive that may be plugged into any new tv that has a USB port (all new flat screens). Video from CD’s and DVD’s that you already have may be added as well.

The files may also be uploaded to and other cloud storage.

Playing your movies on tv allows you to enjoy your memories more conveniently, share with family and friends on big screen. You can fast forward and rewind much quicker than the original.

Any extra capacity left on the USB thumbdrive, after the video file is installed, may be filled image files or pictures, which also may be viewed on your tv. It’s more fun to share your pictures on TV in a larger format, rather than showing them your phone, tablet or computer (although Apple and Google have addressed that with Apple TV box and Google Chromecast).

VHS movies to Thumbdrive

About 8 VHS tapes may be recorded at std speed, converted to files, on a 16 gig thumb drive.

The files generated may also be uploaded to *Youtube, Facebook, and other social media, or played on TV via Apple TV, and of course, on your computer. Tech support available for all.

You can fast forward, rewind, and scan media quickly, something you couldn’t do with your original tapes.

Most video experts agree the lifespan of video tape is between 8 to 12 years and they recommend transferring them into digital media within the first 5 years. Your video may literally have one rewind and play left in it, just enough to archive.

There is no guarantee your video is recoverable from the tape, or that the original media will be playable again. If the video is successfully archived, the file will be backed up for you and may easily be replaced if you lose your thumbdrive.

Got a tape stuck in the vcr player? I can probably recover the tape, but the machine will not be usable again.

Convertible Video Formats

  • VHS
  • Video8, Hi8, Digital8
  • miniDV
  • Betamax? Got a machine?

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