The Greensboro by Select Homes, Inc.

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The Greensboro by Select Homes, Inc. is the latest 4 bedroom floor plan. This spacious modular home plan features 2 full baths with a luxury tub and double shower en-suite. The large open concept kitchen is perfect for the chef in the family. The kitchen features a barnhouse sink and the latest upscale appliances; Built with a livingroom and den, there is room for everyone.

Notice: Floor Plan now 26′-10″ wide

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Select Homes, Inc. features hundreds of floor plans; Available with Ranch, Cape Cod, and Two-story elevations.

The Greensboro 4 Bedroom Modular Home

Select Homes, Inc. builds True Modular™ Homes on your land in our market area in North Carolina.

The standard floor plan is 1,750 square feet, although you may stretch the size to 2,280 if more room is needed.

The Greensboro floor plan

Gable Roof Porch

The 4 bedroom Greensboro display model features an optional gable roof porch which may be built on most Select homes.

The Greensboro Modular Home Gable Roof Porch

Select Homes, Inc. is open Monday through Saturday, except Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. There are now 3 Select locations with the top modular home floor plans on display. Tour the model homes at your leisure.

Select Homes, Inc. prices your total project on your land within your budget and guarantees the best price in the Select market area. See the map on the Select Homes, Inc. model center locations page.

True Modular™ means better built and is an exclusive Select Homes, Inc. trademark term. Every difference from site built is an improvement.

See The Greensboro soon. Tour the number one modular home center in the country in Mocksville, NC and experience southern hospitality plus the latest in new home concepts and upscale amenities. Located at exit 170 on I-40 west of Winston-Salem, NC.

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Select Homes, Inc. Mocksville

All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Meet with a modular home design specialist for details.

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The President parked Air Force One behind my office

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Air Force One - Greensboro Airport 10-18-2006 AF1 President Bush
Photo © Air Force One – Greensboro Airport 2006

President George W. Bush came to Greensboro October 18, 2006 and parked Air Force One behind my office, at Greensboro Airport.

I was working at Select Homes, Inc. in Greensboro on I-40 next to Hwy 68 N exit, just minutes from GSO Airport. The highway is a busy thoroughfare with thousands of cars passing daily. The office was a garage attached to a large white two-story model home. It was a noisy, windy location because of the I-40 highway traffic, plus consistent aircraft traffic overhead.

Two Story Modular Home
Two-Story Display Model I-40 Model Center Greensboro Airport Exit

When I realized it had gotten very quiet and still, I went upstairs with my camera and looked out the window. No traffic. Zero. Never experienced that before. I felt anxious for a moment, then I remembered, President Bush was in town today. I waited and watched for the Presidential motorcade. It appeared from the West and cascaded down the highway in 3 lanes, shifting dark SUV’s back and forth like a shell game with the Commander in Chief, flanked by an armored vehicle that looked somewhat like a road construction vehicle, but with obvious anti-aggression capabilities. The most powerful man in the World and me, right here on I-40, no one else for 100’s of yards, I thought. But, just like most people, the President didn’t stop and drove out of sight East on I-40 as I held my camera looking out the window.

I had hesitated to open the window and lean out with any kind of object in my hand for fear of taking a 50 cal to the forehead. Times were threatening, just 5 years since 911. As the posted threat levels increased, government authorities tolerance decreased.

Air Force One must be parked at GSO airport, I thought. Maybe I could get a picture. I drove up Gallimore Dairy Rd. to Market St. and turned left. I could see AF1 was surrounded by tractor trailers like a circle of wagons in a western wagon train. I knew The Secret Service and local police maintain a strict security perimeter wherever AF1 is parked. I pulled off Market St. and drove on the field as close to the fence as I could, feeling a bit apprehensive. I stood in the door well of my van and snapped a couple pictures. I then drove around to the west side of Air Force One off Airport Rd. and snapped another picture, again standing in the door well. As I slid back down into my seat this time, I noticed two dark SUV’s approaching. I was hoping for a selfie (term didn’t exist yet) with occupants, but they didn’t make contact. I never saw a person, only dark glass. They stopped until I exited the field.

Air Force One Greensboro, NC

Two Guilford County Sheriff’s Deputies rolled in behind me as I drove back out Gallimore Dairy Rd and onto I-40 E. They seemed to be escorting me as I drove to NC Hwy 220 S. They turned off at the Level Cross Exit in Randolph County.

I read on (now WFMY news2) the next day, that one of the President’s destinations was Victory Junction, a camp for children with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses located in Randleman, North Carolina.

President Bush had also visited Falkener Elementary school, named for a civil rights pioneer, and had lunch at Stameys Barbecue, where he visited with patrons, across from Greensboro Coliseum.

No Child Left Behind

At the school, President Bush addressed a selected group. He spoke about “No Child Left Behind”, a Federal Act of 2001, at the time, the most recent iteration of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.

Read George W. Bush remarks:  No Child Left Behind & American Education: Address in North Carolina Greensboro, North Carolina October 18, 2006 at Faulkner school.

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