Customize Kitchen Cabinets

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Customize kitchen cabinets, countertops, floor covering, and ceramic in your new kitchen, in a True Modular™ Home by Select Homes, Inc. with the new customize kitchen tool. You Customize Kitchen Modular Homecan virtually see what your finished Select Kitchen will look like with the factory custom kitchen tool.

Add select custom colors, finishes, designs and styles to your cabinets for a kitchen with your personalized upscale appearance designed by you. Your new kitchen is built to order in your new home.

See Exterior Design tool »

You can customize and share the kitchen page with friends to get feedback and exchange kitchen customizing ideas.

Blue Ridge



Try different custom combinations of cabinets, floor covering, backsplash, appliances, and ceramic. Customize the kitchen the way you want it. See what the latest countertops, appliances, floor covering, backsplash, and trim look like in your new modular home.

Choose your floor plan and begin designing your own kitchen now. You can save the design and print it. See Select top 10 floor plans » on display in Asheboro, Richfield, and Mocksville North Carolina modular home center.

Customize Kitchen in True Modular™ HomeYour Custom Kitchen Design

You’ll find the latest mission, mocha, and hickory cabinets and may customize your kitchen with Amber, Graphite, or Ashland ceramic backsplash; Choose from Stainless Steel, White or Black upscale appliances. Make your kitchen custom design your own.

Select Homes, Inc. builds True Modular™ Homes on your land in a specific market area in North Carolina. Your new home project is priced out on your land according to your budget. True Modular™ means better built.

Note: Custom kitchen tool may not be applicable to all floor plans. Specifications, colors, and selections are subject to change without notice.

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Mack Rd., NC Hwy 49 corner Asheboro NC

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PRIME COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE – Hwy 49 Mack Rd corner in Asheboro NC is 2 acres of prime commercial real estate available by owner. The corner is a beautiful high traffic location on the newly constructed intersection configured with 4 way stop light and left turn lanes.

Address: SE corner Mack Rd. & NC Hwy 49 S., Asheboro NC 27205

Prime Commercial Real Estate Corner Available by Owner $2.5M

2 ACRES Prime Commercial Real Estate Randolph Co. Corner Mack Rd 49S

Hwy 49 Mack Rd corner is conveniently located right off Hwy 49/64 exit on Hwy 220 or I-73/74 and just inside the new Asheboro NC bypass loop.

The corner property is adjacent to family friendly Select Homes, Inc. modular home model center, which will remain. Select Homes, Inc. now has 3 modular Home locations in North Carolina, with hundreds of floor plans available.2 ACRES Prime Commercial Real Estate Randolph Co.

The corner on Hwy 49 South is a well lighted prime commercial lot featuring electricity, power, water, telephone, and cable. The NCDOT recently built a four-way stop at Mack Rd and Hwy 49 S. across from Tank & Tummy gas station.

Randolph County commercial real estate on the new bypass and select intersections will, and new intersections already are, generating tons of traffic. Traffic is expected to significantly increase as the south west loop of the Asheboro NC bypass is completed, routing Asheboro Zoo traffic headed to and from the South, the West, and the North.

The new four-way stop on the corner re-positioned 49 S and Mack Road as a major retail intersection. Daily vehicle traffic is approx. 20K+ on Hwy 49 S, 20k+ on Hwy 64, and about 30k on Hwy 220. The corner features easy trucking access. It’s close to strategic access points highway 64, highway 49, and highway 220. The property is a flexible development space with ground lease and purchase options. The corner is a select location for high volume commercial retail space, complementary to Select Homes, Inc.

Your site is ready to build on. Contact us directly for inquiries.

Aerial Video Hwy 49 Mack Rd corner

Thanks to Tom Allen for aerial footage of opening day Hwy 49 Mack Rd corner. Tom has been documenting the By-Pass around Asheboro, NC with awesome aerial drone footage.

Contact: Dale Loflin
c. 336-362-1898

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Charlotte Modular Home

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Charlotte Modular Home Open HouseThe Charlotte Modular Home is the newest True Modular™ Home display built in Richfield North Carolina. The model home is open Monday through Saturday. You will want to compare the master suite and kitchen with The Rockwell in Mocksville North Carolina. They have the same bedroom kitchen livingroom configurations, but different master bath and kitchen layouts to meet different personalities and your lifestyle needs and wants.

Modular Homes Charlotte NC

The Charlotte 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Modular Home on Display in Richfield NC is a True Modular Home built by Select Homes, Inc. This new versatile floor plan may be a Ranch Elevation, a Cape Cod with or without dormers, or a 2-Story Home, See a Select True Modular™ and you’ll see why True Modular means better built.

Things to do in Charlotte North Carolina

If you’re planning to travel to the Charlotte NC area and have an extra day, plan a race, game, or live concert. Preferred Seats is my simple index of events and tickets on sale in the Charlotte NC area. You can email me for special requests. Right now you can find tickets to the Panthers Eagles game Sunday October 25, 2015.

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Take Better Pictures

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You can take better pictures utilizing a few basic techniques. National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry shares some great tips in the video.

Create beautiful professional compositions using no filters. Check out the video and see if you recognize any of the techniques in the following picture.

Take Better Pictures
Brush stroke of cloud and the moon

Take Better Pictures
with Steve McCurry tips

This video demonstrates some of the best practices in photo composition. Photographer Steve McCurry and his professional photos from around the world are featured.

McCurry is best known for his work in National Geographic.

Tip: Use a tripod and timer to get better focused pictures.

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Google My Business

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Google My Business

Google My Business is Google’s page that shows up with a map when you search for yourself on Google Web or Maps. The page needs to be claimed by your business and updated with pictures and content.

Google My Business is one of your most important accounts online. With it, you manage your most important web page on the internet if you have a local business address, directing prospects searching on their computer, mobile device or tablet, to you. It works for you 24/7. You link to your website from the maps listing, further enhancing your exposure in your profession.

It’s where you add special hours to your google search result, and notify your prospects when hours are unusual such as Labor Day or Memorial Day.

The same steps need to be taken at Bing and Yahoo, but you’ll know how to do them yourself in a short time.

This is your most powerful marketing tool on the internet, and if done correctly in conjunction with email follow up with your clients, you will dominate your niche and spend little or no money on advertising.

What you will spend is a little of your valuable time connecting and communicating with the mass of people in your market, gaining priceless insight as to what they’re thinking.

Edit Google My Business page

  • Make sure red balloon is in correct location on Google maps
  • Add hours, edit where necessary
  • Add valuable content for your clients now including video from Youtube

In addition to Maps, and Google My Business, Google provides many other valuable business tools such as Google Docs, YouTube, and more. You can log into one Google account and manage all of your Google business products.

I can help set it all up, provide tech support, help update, plus maintain the page that shows up when people search for you, either on computer, mobile device or tablet.

Sign Up »

As of June 2014, there were 343 million active accounts in Google+. Compare that to Twitter’s 270 million accounts. 68% of searches are conducted on Google. Everything you post on Google Plus for Business page is immediately indexed by Google.

Also in the Google tool bag, you’ll find Hangouts, Communities, YouTube, Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps, and more to become acquainted with.

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QR Codes craigslist ads

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You can use a QR code as an image in a Craigslist ad to add value to the searcher’s results.  It helps the person looking for you, find you and get more information.

Craigslist removal of links in ads was a subtle albeit huge change in how ads are written and look in craigslist. It changed a worldwide marketing platform overnight. Many advertisers (and no doubt some spammers) simply abandoned CL and sought other advertising conduits, reducing your competition.

Here’s an ad with links from the “good ole” days:

New York Yankees vs Detroit Tigers Tickets
August 27, 2014 Comerica Park
Buy Now »

Scan to go to webpage and find tickets

At first many advertisers wrote there url address and instructed, copy and paste address. This phrase violates craigslist terms SO DON”T USE IT. But a QR code can still take your prospect to a desired page.

To make a QR code, navigate to the page you would like to link to, select the url address and copy. Next open a QR code generator page that generates the code for you. Then download to your computer, and finally upload to craigslist. It should be the last image you upload so it’s not the default ad image. It’s ugly and confuses most people, they may think it’s too much work, plus may not have the app yet, so you don’t want it showing up as default image for ad.

If you have a graphics program you can add instructions in the image above and/or below the block you scan. If you search “how to put tables” or “how to use href”, or “how to add links”,  “.. in craigslist ads”, you’ll find many informative but obsolete pages.

You’re now limited to making your ad stand out with creative text and pictures. If you write your ad with unsupported code now, you get the a message: img, Font, Table, Div and Span tags are no longer supported in this category.

Making a great ad is a matter of testing, but generally simple converts better.

A good example of an ad is:

Yankees vs Tigers Tickets 8/27/2014

New York Yankees vs Detroit Tigers Game
August 27, 2014 Comerica Park

Two images:

QR Codes craigslist ads
Yankees vs Tigers baseball game 8/27/2014


QR codes are commonly used on paper literature too, but the public needs instruction to know what to do and how powerfully simple they are to scan and go to webpage. Write instructions with as few words as possible.

To make a good looking ad:

  1. use keywords people are searching for in title
  2. use simple text in 3 lines
  3. use call to action in H2 tag
  4. use horizontal lines
  5. use 3-5 images including QR code image

* A free app is available on your device, search barcode scanner

Now, scan away.

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